Thanks for all the effort guys, keep up the good work!!

Dino V., Owner of Guardian Gold

I find the CMSBA a great way to stay on top of all issues and eagerly look forward to their training events. Thanks for doing a great job.

Nasir, Owner of London Currency Exchange

I have been with the Association since the beginning and I find it a great resource to keep current on all compliance issues.

Mary R., Owner of Currency Converters of Waterloo Inc.

The CMSBA is an organization driven by, and serving, Canadian business owners and the people and cultural groups they serve. The work the organisation does is not driven by profit, but by a sincere and concerted will to help the Canadian financial system sustain the ideals of fairness and openness upon which it was founded, in the midst of ever more rapidly changing times. The membership of the Association is a self selected group of Canadians of many diverse backgrounds and a common goal - enhancing their ability to serve their communities. Every new member adds to dynamism and capacity for change it has.

James M, Compliance Consultant